Hi – Kate Noble here.  About six years ago I was possessed by a dragon and started writing rhyming verse stories.  I’ve given a lot of thought as to why this sudden compulsion to write  in rhyming verse about a fantasy creature.  My best guess is that for many years prior to Duffy’s arrival I had been questioning my purpose, as many of us do when we reach a certain era of our lives.  With three events of breast cancer behind me, two young adults to raise on my own and continuing financial challenges, I hit a wall.  Duffy blew right through that wall, and although it seemed at first that he turned up out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure he actually materialized from my spirit that was just a bit fed up with not having enough air time.   Duffy is my way of recovering that loving, innocent, kind and caring spirit that is the gift of childhood.  More than that as it turns out – Duffy books are an offering to others, an invitation to celebrate kindness.  My hope is that Duffy The Dragon books, with their simple rhyming verse tales, successfully convey the powerfully positive impacts of kindness and caring both on each other and on the environment.

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