Two days ago, when I set up a WordPress account, something unexpected happened.  I followed the tutorials to focus this Blog which led me to re-think where I’m going with my Duffy books.  My direction has become clearer and simpler.  I realize I had been traveling down a rather twisty path for the last few years.

Back on track – feeling excited and energized.

Duffy stories are written to celebrate and nurture kindness.  Every adventure engages younger children (2-9 year olds), in being thoughtful, kind and caring in their relationships with each other, animals and the environment.

Children connect with Duffy – they inherently understand and seek kindness.  Duffy is a sweet, fantasy character that touches hearts.  Just as  Franklin The Turtle books connect with a  child’s discovery of every-day-life – i.e. first day of school, Duffy stories connect with kids through acts of kindness and consideration for others.

My mission is to provide fun and entertaining reading material for little ones, which I believe the rhyming verse tales accomplish, while using the gentle dragon character to inspire the development of kind and caring people.